The LivGreenTM Difference

LivGreen Stouffville demonstrates our commitment to sustainability and our customers by incorporating outstanding new construction technologies and
old world craftsmanship in everything we build.

Graphite infused insulated concrete forms

Key element in our energy saving construction system.

Sustainable building materials

Reduces the negative human impact on the environment and reduces the pressure on natural resources.


Ground source heating and cooling.

Solar LED parking lot lighting

An efficient means to provide lighting without the need for standard utility power.

Roof Solar Panels

Photo voltaic collection system feeds energy back into the grid and also shading the roof reducing solar heat gain.

Electric car charging stations

The use of electric vehicles means zero harmful emissions.

Bicycle parking areas

Cycling means zero harmful emissions and improved overall health of the cyclist.

Energy monitors for every unit

Makes the owners aware of their consumption.

Tri-sorter waste

Designed to divert garbage, green box and blue box waste into separate compactors.

Construction waste diversion

All construction waste is collected en masse and then sorted for recycling.

LED lighting

LED are the only lights used with split level lighting systems in the common areas.

Triple glazed windows

Reduces energy requirements for heating and cooling and increases sound transmission rating making for a quieter indoor space.

Careful selection of planting

Native shrubs, flowers and grasses with mulch reduces the requirement for watering.

Low flow toilets and showers

Less water used, less impact on the environment.

Balcony isolation

Providing a thermal break between balconies and indoor floors reducing energy transfer.

R80 roofs – 3x the standard

This virtually eliminates thermal transfer through the significantly sized roof areas.

Energy efficient appliances

The more efficient the appliances the less electricity used and the less drain on natural resources.

Thermography imaging

Using infrared imaging monitors the building’s energy performance.

Post construction energy monitoring

This data is vital to improve future building performance.

Rain water recycling program

By recycling rain water we are better able to lessen the impact on natural resources.


The next innovator in Green living